Chasing Light

Photography is the act of chasing and capturing light.
It has the perception of being a passive, or even a meditative medium (sometimes it is), but it is thrilling and intoxicating when that perfect light is fleeting and the tension rises as the minutes turn into seconds and the thought of losing the shot becomes your biggest fear.
These are the moments that cemented the art of photography deep within myself.
The great outdoors is my sanctuary and the camera is my calling. I am a hunter-gatherer of natural light and candid moments. Wielding my weapon of choice on every adventure with curiosity and humor. I have an appetite for campfires, conversation, and new experiences. I am known to wander through the streets of bustling cities and call one of them -- Austin, Texas -- my home. I'm a fan of new faces and new places, eager for challenges and companions. My goal is to capture the world, the people of earth, and take you with me.