A few words addressing my absence over the past few months.

They have been beautiful, heartbreaking and refreshing. I have been challenging myself, I have been active, I have been a dedicated dad (Meadow) and I have been following my heart and staying true to Alex. I have made new friends and I'm exploring new, exciting hobbies - both of which mean a lot to me. I've done all of this with a camera in my hands.

As the month of April came to a close, I intended to write a blog about how meaningful that month was to me in terms of growth, acceptance and motivation. Before I knew it, it was May - the most anticipated and busy month of the year was breathing down my neck. I decided to forego my "April Revelation" post and focus on the future and all the good things to come. In early May, I was the event photographer for the 2014 Rainmaker Awards at the Bob Bullock Museum. A few days later, I shot my friends' engagement photos and had an amazing time doing them. Shortly after that, I co-hosted and photographed my Dad's 8th Annual Rouxsko Crawfish Boil, which is one of my favorite days of the year. The feeling of bringing together hundreds of your closest friends and acquaintances, then being surrounded by everyone crackin mudbugs, smiles and inside jokes of rekindled friendships is a feeling I can't describe. Three days after the crawfish boil, still high on all my friends, I left for Peru. 

Basically, during this lull in posts and seeming inactivity, I have been hard at work on myself and my upcoming journeys. I'm inundated with photos and aspirations, but for now Peru is going to get the recognition it deserves and is getting several blog posts full of photos, interpretations and stories. I'm not necessarily posting for the audience (although I'd love to share it with you), but because I want to relive it as many times as possible, and I can do that through writing.

Until tomorrow when the first Peru post is finished and lives up to my self-debilitating high standards, here I am with a sunflower in my ear to tide you over.