Kendall has been dating one of my best friends/favorite people on earth for the past few years, and boy, is she lucky to have him (that was for you, Mason). 

No, but for real though. I love Kendall and Mason, so I was very excited (as usual) to be asked to shoot her graduation photos! She's graduating from Texas State in a few weeks and already has a few job offers. She's a bright, beautiful young lady and I'm excited to see where life takes her.

This stuff is effortless for her

Kendall lives in the historical district in San Marcos, so on the way there I was passing all these awesome, colonial-style houses. I decided I wanted to do a shoot in front of one or two. Kendall loved the idea and her favorite house was down the street so we headed there. Unfortunately, they didn't come to the door when I walked up to ask permission. They were home, but they must have gotten tired of all the people asking the same thing. Gorgeous house.

We drove around and found another. We got permission to take pictures on this massive White House-esque home and we forgot about the other denial. The house was perfect. American flag, eagle and all. 

Makin me look like I know what I'm doing!

On the side of the White House was a nice sitting area under a massive Magnolia Tree. This eagle was more our style though... 

We had to get that eagle in the shot

After we got our presidential fill, we did what came naturally: headed to campus. Luckily Texas State's campus is gorgeous so no trouble finding locations, but SOMEONE forgot their tassle. Regardless, we made do. LBJ made up for it. 

Oh, dahhlin!

Fun fact: ~2% of the world's population has green eyes 

She wanted a shot of her and a Texas State sign. She actually climbed on top of it but the pictures didn't turn out. Adventurous woman, I was digging the enthusiasm. We opted for a "throw the hat on solid ground" picture instead and not only was it the safer option, but the picture turned out great.

Congratulations Kendall!