Being a "gearhead", I've been itching to do a car shoot. After selling my own Evo VIII I've been lacking the modified cars to put on film. So naturally, when my friend Staci finished building her second motorcycle, I subtly approached her to do a shoot - "hey, I'm shooting you and your bike. Now. Not now? Monday. 5. Be there. Ok." 

A good friend of mine from San Marcos drove all the way up to the north side of Austin to be my driver so I could hang out of his window and snap shots of Staci and her steed. Luckily, as payment, Branko asks I do a similar photoshoot for his pearly white, beautifully modded Evo X SE. Yes sir, whatever you want Branks! 

Staci's ready to rumble

After some ice cream and paint polishing, we headed west for City Park Road near Emma Long Metropolitan Park. These roads are so smooth, sexy and curvy -- they're like the Beyonce of driving roads (sorry for that terrible simile). If you own anything with wheels, take a trip out there and push some limits. 

Mmmm, dem curves

Staci's Sporty Evo is sick. Sick as in, righteous. Slathered in candy paint and gold flakes -- it's hotter than a Puerto Rican picnic. Josh Rodriguez from Rodriguez Rod & Cycle did the ridiculous paint job. A total of 37 layers of paint and clear coat were slapped on the tank and fender. That's 37 layers each. Portions of the tank have different designs on them, divided by some smooth hard lines of black, white and gold. My favorite section is the top of the tank, where it looks like Rodriguez sprayed through some lace fabric he overlaid on top of it. I don't have any idea how he did the rest of it, but it's beautiful. These pieces (of art) have so much depth and dimension. It's amazing. I know this makes me look bad, but the pictures genuinely don't do it justice. I know, I know, but I'll dedicate more time to it next time. There will be a next time. 

Fish tail

The lace on the top of the tank blew me away

I couldn't wait to get moving and do some rolling shots. The roads were curvy and the traffic was surprisingly heavy all the way out there, but we made it work really well for us.

Rollin right

She bad

Too many rolling shots?

Last one, as she rides off into the sunset

The light out here changed quickly! Before we knew it, the sun was behind a hill and it was time to bust out the speedlights. We picked a nice, open patch of gravel at the apex of one of the nicer turns and set up camp. Staci's red hair really popped.

Let's get back to the specs of the two-wheeled beauty queen. 
Most of this bike is aftermarket: Biltwell handlebars, grips and foot pegs. The bike is sitting on Burly Brand Slammer Kit for front and rear suspension. Staci's sitting on an Old Gold Garage Solo Sporty Seat, with a Lowbrow Customs Frisco Tank between her legs and a fancy Harley DayMaker headlight leading the way. Putting it all together with some body work was Bret Wilk of Top Dead Center Cycles. 


I had a lot of fun with the lighting


We all had a lot of fun, even Branko! 

Thanks for reading, I'm really enjoying this blogging stuff.

Once again, thanks to Staci and Branko!

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