Remember that brave redditor that went with me to Giddy Up a couple weeks ago? Well, her name is Suzana and she's graduating from UT next month! We picked the perfect day to do these shots. The ideal sunlight was getting me all excited, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

She was in the UT band (cymbals!) so we started at the stadium, home to many longhorned memories.

Solid smile

She must be pretty smart with all these ropes and fancy stuff.

The day we met, Suzana revealed to me that she had done some modeling in New York, so she wasn't a stranger to cameras. I was surprised how confident and at-ease she was in the middle of the bustling UT campus with a huge lens poking at her face. Most people would feel strange or awkward, but not her! Kudos.

She had already known where she wanted pictures taken, which makes it easy for me since I've only been on campus a handful of times. She wanted a shot near the tower. On our way I got sidetracked by that sunlight I mentioned earlier. It was setting the trees on fire and casting a nice, hazy glow everywhere else. I commanded her to stop, for we have found photo nirvana in a boulevard of trees.

Spread those wings

Mmm, flare

We got a little adventurous after we discovered our third location was overrun with hundreds of girls in short shorts, white tees and cowboy boots. Suzana told me it was a social club for girls who didn't get into Sororities. I laughed.

Anyways, I talked her into climbing on top of a pillar 8-10 feet off the ground. In a dress. In heels. Probably a bad decision, but the picture turned out kinda cool... You judge.

I've been itching to take some photos in the bluebonnets recently, and what do you know! We found some on campus.

Then of course, we went to the fountain to finish the shoot with a bang.

Congrats, Suzana!

It was a fun, effortless shoot on my part. Suzana did all the hard work. I'm learning more and more after every session, it's a really humbling and rewarding experience. I've come a long way, but still have even farther to go!

Thanks for reading.

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