Hopefully this camping trip becomes more of a tradition. After graduating a couple years ago and moving away from San Marcos, I've lost touch with some of my favorite people. It's hard to get everyone together at one place, except for Game of Thrones episodes. Our Pace Bend camping trips have served as a semi-reunion with both old friends and new friends. Fourteen of us with five pups, passing the time outside in perfect camping weather, eating brats and laughing around the campfire. Some photos were taken too. This is just going to be a photo dump with very little writing because I'm exhausted from the (amazing) weekend. Cheers!


Tree of life

Midday nap

Halloween + camping + photo gear = this...

Ninjas don't wish upon shooting stars, they throw them.

You can never hide, you're never safe

Time lapses

I'm dead tired, thanks for all the fun guys!